1st Virtual International Trade Event

23 Nov - 06 Dec 2020

Who attends?

2,300+ attendees from 87 countries have already registered
See for yourself

Attendees can register for free here at any time.

From 16 November, attendees will be able to create their profiles, with photo, company name, social media, fields of interest, … to match them with the most suitable business partners.

Digital lead generation & matchmaking at its best!

The Virtual for all Africa 2020 Contest

Whoever networks the most takes it all!

The prize: A trip including flight and 3 night accommodation for one lucky participant to a fairtrade live trade show in Africa of the winner's choice.

In order to be eligible, you must collect at least 500 points by Sunday 6 December at 18:00 UTC+0. The winner is the one who collects the most points.

You collect points by contacting our exhibitors and participants in the following way:

100 points

  • For each acceptance of a connection request from an exhibitor or participant
  • For each video conference held with an exhibitor or participant on the platform

30 points

  • For each participation in a conference session
  • For each bookmark set for an exhibitor or an exhibitor's product

Your way to win

Why you and your company can benefit so much as attendee

While at live trade shows the interaction takes place primarily between exhibitors and visitors, the Virtual for all Africa offers contact opportunities between all three groups of participants, exhibitors, attendees and speakers. This is made possible by the fact that all participants must register on the event platform with their profile.

Attendees have their own personalised profile & appear in the filter results

As attendees can integrate their company name as well as their social media into their profile, they enjoy personalised and individualised visibility.

Also very important: As an attendee, you appear in the filter results. Example: If a food manufacturer searches for suppliers of packaging machines on the event portal, his search will not only show exhibitors but also attendees who offer such machines.

Of course, attendees can also search for interesting business partnersindependently on the event portal using the filter function "Company's main activity". In addition, through the AI, attendees receive recommendations from other participants who match their profile. This can result in further highly qualified contacts - digital lead generation and matchmaking at its best.

Every attendee, exhibitor or speaker can create contact requests for every attendee, exhibitor or speaker and conduct B2B meetings via video call on the dates agreed upon, unlimited & for free.

And best of all, all contacts are recorded so you can receive your lead reports in real time, including your meeting reviews. You can then export the data of your new business partners. Including your notes and evaluations of your meetings.

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