1st Virtual International Trade Event

23 Nov - 06 Dec 2020

A truly global event with a clear Africa focus

Voices of the exhibitors

  • BUMBLES BABIES goals for participating at Virtual for all Africa 2020 are actually three-fold: To identify and connect with potential distributors from countries identified by our company as key markets; to identify and engage with companies that BUMBLES could potentially co-pack for (plastic pouch packaging), and to engage with food packaging companies to source packaging for some of our products.

    Our experience with Virtual for all Africa has been surprisingly good taking into consideration that the exhibition is online. Making contact has been easier as one is able to read through the company information and filter to ensure worthwhile engagement. We have been able to engage with both exhibitors and attendees and responses are quick (no queues at stands while waiting).

    Our best practices: When there has been a clear or possible opportunity, Teams meetings have been scheduled and that has been productive. We also used LinkedIn, and that resulted in a great response and has been useful. We have also been able to engage with potential suppliers who are also manufacturers. So far the experience has been good. We look forward to the next two days.

    Nthabe Zondo
    Chief Operating Officer Worldwide – Bumbles Babies

  • BILLION has been very active in Northern and Western Africa for a very long time with a large number of injection molding machines installed, in particular for packaging and houseware applications. Therefore, our goal is to reconnect with existing customers within French-speaking countries, and also to extend our customer base in Africa, especially in the Eastern side of the continent.
    At Virtual for all Africa, we’ve had some good experiences with business talks through the direct integration of a video conferencing tool into the chat. So we were able to organize a face-to-face quickly after a first contact by an attendee. It mimics the situation of direct face-to-face interactions of a tradeshow well.
    We very much like that both, as an attendee and exhibitor, one is able to browse other attendees and booths. That allows for a quicker allocation of two interested parties and helps us find the right people to talk to.
    We also enjoy the geographical reach of the show. We are able to connect with our customers in Ivory Coast while in the next meeting discuss new plastics processing projects in Kenya.

    Georg Kiesl
    Export & Sales Africa - BILLION SAS

  • Basically, Virtual for all Africa is the very first virtual show for ROVEMA. So we are eager to find out best practices as we assume it is the first but it will not be the last virtual show for us.

    The pandemic has a huge impact on our company, especially in Africa as customers or potential customers willing to buy and requesting a demo of the machine before buying, cannot be served because neither we nor the customer is able to travel.

    So our Africa business turns out to be less this year, Europe is doing much better. Could be that next year there is a big boom in Africa and everyone wants their machine immediately.

    The big difference at Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack Africa is to have access to all registered attendees. And we can very easily contact those where we think we have a solution for them. This is a huge advantage compared to the standard exhibition format.

    Christian Helwig
    Area Manager - Rovema

  • Through Virtual for all Africa, we at PALL target to generate new contacts for our business in the beverage, food & meat industries. We already made some contacts during the first two days, but it’s too early to evaluate our business talks.

    Two weeks ago, we made a disastrous experience with a virtual event of a usually very successful live show in the brewery sector. All the more we are pleased with the excellent organisation of Virtual for all Africa.

    I'm very impressed about how fairtrade manages this event. It's new for you, new for us, new for our customers also, but very good in my opinion. Congratulation!

    Jean-Paul Benoit
    Sales Manager Africa - PALL Corporation

  • With our participation at this virtual event we at KUHNE want to get to know more about Africa and its market. Except for Northern Africa and South Africa we have neglected this market for a long time.

    We have so far gotten some new contacts, and we are getting used to have a virtual conference and show Even if it is not the same as really meeting and talking with people face to face (and never will be), we do have to adapt to the situation.

    We assume that even with a vaccine and after another year, travelling will be less than before. So we must learn to also meet virtually.

    Gerhard Brock
    Area Sales Manager - Kuhne Group

  • KURGAN MEAT is one of the three leading manufacturers of canned meat and vegetable products in Russia. By participating in Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack Africa 2020 we are addressing new potential customers, and during the three days of the event so far, we have successfully established contacts and held business talks.

    We appreciate the professionalism of the organiser fairtrade. Although this is the very first time we are participating in an online event, I can say that the organisation and the involvement moments made by organisers are excellent.

    Svetlana Stepanova
    Business Development Director – Kurgan Meat Processing Plant “Standard”

  • My goal for participation is to broaden my product distribution scope for NUTFRIX, as currently we've only been selling our peanuts in one area of South Africa. The AfCTA also is something we're looking forward to and we'd like to be beneficiaries of such agreements, so the Virtual for all Africa 2020 couldn't have come at a better time. 

    So far we've made contact with various people on the platform and everyone seems keen to share. We've had talks of business collaborations with several people and we're hopeful they'll become fruitful. We've also had the pleasure to earmark and listen to several presentations that aligned to our goals. 

    So all in all, the Virtual for all Africa 2020 experience has been an eye opening and interesting experience. A great platform that is key to networking African businesses together and for those overseas too.

    Tebele Letsoalo
    Director Africa - Nutfrix

  • DONG YANG INK is the No. 1 sheet-fed offset ink maker in Korea with over 70 years experience, exporting various products to many countries.

    Our main goal with this participation at Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack 2020 is to get to know and work the different African markets better.

    During the first three days of the event we have already had some good discussions. The best thing is that I was already able to meet new buyers.

    Seong Il Hong
    Assistant Manager Worldwide, Dong Yang Ink

  • GG CONSUMABLES AND PROJECTS is a South African Packaging Solution Provider and Office Stationery.  

    The aim of our participation in Virtual for all Africa 2020 is making contacts, learning and checking what our competitors are doing.

    The contacts we made were actually good in responding to me. I have sent my proposals to them for their final assessment on product offering. Learning was a first for my company, and it was a great opportunity for me.

    Gilbert Adams
    Director – GG Consumables and Projects

  • I represent PRISMATECH, in association with SGC Trident, and we produce Made-In-Italy processing lines for beverages and liquid foodstuffs. We are a family business based in Parma in the North of Italy and we have a long history with Africa, especially with the Maghreb and the Central and Western regions.

    Our goals with Virtual for all Africa 2020 are to increase direct connections with potential clients and also agents/representatives in Africa in general. During the core event days this week, we have concentrated on making contacts and conducting as many meetings via the platform as possible. For the conferences, we will watch the recorded sessions next week.

    I like that there is the possibility to see all the attendees in one place and choose directly who you want to connect with, with everything integrated into the same platform.

    Aicha Badri
    Sales Department Africa & Middle East - Prismatech

  • TCCIA is a member based organization for the business community in Tanzania to strengthen the Private sector and facilitate trade. The main goal for our participation at Virtual for all Africa is to develop different business connections for our members.

    The event has a large number of participants from different parts of the world, and it has proven to be a very successful one. Networking has been made easy and convenient. It has been a great honor to participate and we are glad to be an Institutional partner of Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack Africa 2020.

    We have managed to connect with different people from different countries, nations and backgrounds all over one platform and speaking one language, that is business opportunities.

    Mr. Paul F. Koyi
    President & Board Chairman - Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture TCCIA

  • Through our participation in the Virtual for all Africa 2020, we at EBSFMIA sought contact with other companies, partners and consultants to gather information on inputs such as raw materials for our association members such as the bottled water sector, fruit & vegetable processors and the soft drinks sector.

    We found it fascinating to use this innovative virtual route to establish lots of new contacts. By participating in the conference sessions and product demos we learned a lot about different technologies for the beverage industry.      

    I like the event platform because it gives visibility to our association and our members to reach importers, manufacturers and consultants, which is great for our more than 100 members.

    Etsegenet Amenu
    Finance Manager - Ethiopian Bottled Water, Soft drink, Fruits and Vegetable Processing / Manufacturing Industries Association EBSFMIA

  • Besides making valuable business contacts, our goal in participating in Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack Africa 2020 was to promote our services and to reassure the international business community that we at AHK Nigeria are on site to support them in their business expansion.

    Thanks to the opportunity presented by fairtrade as the event organizers, we have approached and been approached by various companies to support them find both customers and partners for their business – and that is exactly why we are here!

    As supporting partners for the organisation of the Nigeria related part of the conference, we are very satisfied with the content discussed and the quality of speakers. We believe that we were able to provide both local and international attendees with information and exchange of experiences that will help them to make decisions in the different focus sectors.

    I very much appreciate the organizers for providing us with a platform that is very easy to use and navigate, and the fact that you see the number of views on the promoted products in real time is a plus. Virtual agrofood & ppp Africa has enabled us to meet new customers and easily video-conference with them via the built-in call function, making the platform a one-stop knowledge shop for customer searches!

    Yolanda Oghumah
    Manager, Events and Tradefairs - Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria (AHK Nigeria)

  • Virtual for all Africa 2020 presents an opportunity to connect with the agrofood sector taking to note PACCIs drive for the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

    Our goal in participating is the cross information in technologies that can push forward industrialization in Africa's largest sector. We aim to mutually engage in the opportunities and actions needed to improve the agrofood and plastprintpack sectors.

    We have been able to connect with associations and sectoral chambers far easily taking into context the thousands of participants taking part in the event. Appointment features and reminders have made it easier to connect and the talks with interested parties have been promising with continued engagement in the works.

    Congratulations to the organizers for a thorough diverse platform. The content delivery and ease of networking was our best feature in the event. Looking forward to continuing to support the future editions of the event.

    Wincate Muthini
    Business Development Manager - Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry PACCI

  • Up to now, Lödige has mainly been present in Northern and Western Africa. We knew that, besides the well-known multinationals, there are many more potential clients and we always wanted to explore these markets in other regions of this wonderful continent. 

    I admit, in the past we hesitated to attend fairs in Central or Eastern Africa as we did not have a local partner. Now this argument doesn’t count. As this fair is digital it was much easier for us to overcome our inhibitions. This is the first digital fair for Lödige, and to be honest, we did not really know what to expect. We all had to learn. And we learned a lot. 

    I knew that the agrofood & plastprintpack had a good reputation and a strong attendee base in Africa. But now this event is even bigger as it’s not physically bound to one single country or region. The conference programme was very good and very well elaborate. It’s good to have a programme for all days and it’s even better to have the possibility to watch the video recordings if you missed an interesting presentation.

    The technical platform overall was well set up and the organziers did a good job. We always felt valued by the organizing team. Of course there are always some points that could be improved, but overall we don’t want to complain.

    The one thing that I liked best about this format is the networking possibility. Finding new contacts was easy and, most important, it was possible to find THE RIGHT CONTACTS by filtering the ones that best suited our business model. In my opinion this is a huge advantage over a “traditional” fair.

    For us there is a clearly positive verdict after these exciting days. We had some good days, met interesting people and we learned a lot for future digital fairs. Now we are certainly one step ahead of our competitors that did not participate.

    Christian Schilken
    Sales Africa – Lödige Process Technology

Interim results for Virtual for all Africa 23 to 26 November 2020 - The industry's most important online event with Africa focus

The core event period of Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack Africa from 23 to 26 November has come to an end. But don’t worry, the sessions are now available on-demand and the platform will remain up and running until 06 December inclusive. So stay in touch.
Nevertheless it is a perfect time for an interim assessment and for some facts & figures for the core event period 23 to 26 November.
A total of 2,325 registered attendees from 87 countries connected at Virtual for all Africa 2020, established a total of 5,320 contacts and exchanged 15,791 messages. In the event exhibitors, attendees and speakers gathered to connect, learn and talk business.

CONNECT: 64 exhibitors from 17 countries received 8,028 visits, their products were consulted 1,851 times.
LEARN: 3,356 unique viewers attended the panel sessions, presentations & product demos. An amazing number of 98 speakers presented in 69 sessions, a program highly appreciated by all.
TALK BUSINESS: Attendees received 11,452 visits from exhibitors as well as from other attendees and from speakers.
These facts make Virtual for all Africa the most important agrofood & ppp online event with Africa focus. 

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The Virtual for all Africa 2020 Contest

Whoever networks the most takes it all!

The prize: A trip including flight and 3 night accommodation for one lucky participant to a fairtrade live trade show in Africa of the winner's choice.

In order to be eligible, you must collect at least 500 points by Sunday 6 December at 18:00 UTC+0. The winner is the one who collects the most points.

You collect points by contacting our exhibitors and participants in the following way:

100 points

  • For each acceptance of a connection request from an exhibitor or participant
  • For each video conference held with an exhibitor or participant on the platform

30 points

  • For each participation in a conference session
  • For each bookmark set for an exhibitor or an exhibitor's product

Your way to win

Virtual for all Africa

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